20-Something in New York... that's all I have so far
I. Like. You.

Many of you may know Taylor as the bombshell blonde from Sterling Style with a passion for the little details in life and her knack for putting a look together. But this radiant young woman has plans that extend way beyond tomorrow’s outfit — she is just a few months away from the launch of her “blogazine,” Glitter Guide. As her year-long journey winds down, she is about to see her dream become a reality and can’t wait to share the love with all of you! 

1. How did you get started in the blogging world? Was Sterling Style your first project? What motivated you to expand it?

 I started blogging about two years ago. I had no clue what it was all about. I just wanted to use it as an inspiration board, but then I noticed that I could use it to share more about my style and interests and it expanded. Sterling Style was my first blog and I love how it evolves every day and inspires me.

 2. How did you get the idea for Glitter Guide and what motivated you to take the plunge to get it started? 

 Last April I was thinking about my next move. I wanted to turn blogging into something I could do for a lifetime. While I love Sterling Style, I felt that at some point I would grow tired of taking pictures of my own life. I wanted something that I could share with readers and make more about them and something they would love. I decided that a multimedia lifestyle website was the perfect next step for me. Last November I was laid off from my full-time job and I knew it was time to go for my dreams.

 3. What will Glitter Guide offer readers that they can’t get from other online or print sources?

 The Glitter Guide will have a unique voice and style. Granted many of the things we are doing have been done before, but we will always have a spin that is glittery, colorful and delightful. We also plan to have a very positive voice in the community and that we hope will help women feel inspired and confident.

 4. What is a glitter girl and what sets her a part from the crowd?

  A Glitter Girl is a taste-maker and a trend starter. She doesn’t care about what is “cool” to everyone else, but what is “cool” to her. She loves to share her finds and favs with her friends. She is kind and a positive role model. She has a thirst for life and always wears a smile.

5. What is the next step for Glitter Guide and Sterling Style? 

Glitter Guide is set to launch in a couple months. Up until then we have giveaways, photo shoots, and other exciting things planned to share with everyone. There is something fun and new going on with Sterling Style daily and I hope to share some new collaborations with everyone soon!